In December of 2017 I was diagnosed with stage1b1 cervical cancer within my 3 year smear period. My previous smear was clear. I have since undergone multiple surgeries, rounds of chemotherapy, radiotherapy all to fight the stage1b1 cancer that returned, and became incurable. I am currently in remission. But the fact remains my smear detected no abnormal changes in my cervix at all.

I fell through the net.

That’s why I’m fighting for yearly gynaecological checkups because as we are repeatedly reminded by the NHS cervical screens are not cervical cancer tests, and worse still there are four other gynaecological cancers that aren’t picked up by a cervical screening, meaning currently there is no screening programme for Ovarian, Vulval, Vaginal and womb cancers.

It’s my hope that we can make access to gynaecological healthcare simpler for women. That medical professionals begin to listen to women about problems they endure with this facet of their health. That we start being able to use the correct terminology for our own bodies without feeling like they are bad words.

Ellie’s Tribe is a social media movement for now but I aim to turn it into a charitable foundation that can supply women in need with the access they need to Gynae health professionals and access to mental health care upon difficult diagnosis’.